With this integration, you can call the Zapier webhook and from there trigger other applications.


    "form": [],
    "execute": [
            "url": "{{ZAPIER_CALLBACK_URL}}",
            "data": {
                "user": {
                    "name": "{{ first_name }} {{ last_name }}",
                    "email": "{{email}}"
            "method": "POST"
    "initial_data_form": [
            "id": "ZAPIER_CALLBACK_URL",
            "name": "This is the zapier callback url that you get from Zapier.",
            "description": "This will show when you create the integration in Zapier."


  1. Create a new integration with this manifest.
  2. Create a (paid) Zapier account and create a new connection with a webhook: https://zapier.com/apps/webhook/integrations
  3. You will now get a new webhook callback url that you can enter in the credentials form.


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