This will trigger a background task that will run every day to update the bamboohr ids to the users. BambooHR uses their IDs to call a few endpoints. There isn't an easy way to get those IDs, so we are syncing them through this integration


    "action": "update",
    "execute": [
            "url": "{{COMPANY_ID}}/v1/reports/{{REPORT_ID}}",
            "method": "GET"
    "headers": {
        "Accept": "application/json",
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "Authorization": "Basic {{KEY}}:x"
    "schedule": "0 0 * * *",
    "data_from": "employees",
    "data_structure": {
        "email": "workEmail",
        "BAMBOOHR_USER_ID": "id"
    "initial_data_form": [
            "id": "KEY",
            "name": "The BambooHR api key",
            "description": "Go to: https://<yourdomain> to get one"
            "id": "REPORT_ID",
            "name": "The id of the report",
            "description": "Go to: https://<yourdomain> to find the id of the report. click on the report and then look at the url. There is a number that will represent the ID of the report."
            "id": "COMPANY_ID",
            "name": "The id of the company",
            "description": "When you login you get a domain like this: https://<yourdomain> The '<yourdomain>' is your domain name. "

You should make a new report and only include the workEmail, lastName and firstName from all users. You can call the bambooHR user id by using {{ BAMBOOHR_USER_ID }}.


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